A report on the roswell mystery

Corso's Claim of Seeing Alien Bodies He says that he actually saw the body of a dead alien recovered from the Roswell wreckage of For more than 50 years now, the world has been captivated by the Roswell incident, and Colonel Philip Corso, retired American Army officer, now deceased, has left us details of what he saw in at Fort Riley in Kansas. He is the highest ranking officer to come forward with details about the famous New Mexico crash. He claimed that the New Mexico wreckage was definitely not from a balloon, but from an alien spacecraft.

A report on the roswell mystery

In February,the General Accounting Office GAOacting on the request of a New Mexico Congressman, initiated an audit to attempt to locate records of such an incident and to determine if records regarding it were properly handled.

Although the GAO effort was to look at a number of government agencies, the apparent focus was on the Air Force. Research revealed that the "Roswell Incident" was not even considered a UFO event until the time frame. Prior to that, the incident was dismissed because the AAF originally identified the debris recovered as being that of a weather balloon.

These claims continue to evolve today and the Air Force is now routinely accused of engaging in a "cover-up" of this supposed event.

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The research located no records at existing Air Force offices that indicated any "cover-up" by the USAF or any indication of such a recovery. Consequently, efforts were intensified by Air Force researchers at numerous locations where records for the period in question were stored.

The records reviewed did not reveal any increase in operations, security, or any other activity in July,that indicated any such unusual event may have occurred. Additionally, several surviving project personnel were located and interviewed, as was the only surviving person who recovered debris from the original Roswell site inand the former officer who initially identified the wreckage as a balloon.

Comparison of all information developed or obtained indicated that the material recovered near Roswell was consistent with a balloon device and most likely from one of the Mogul balloons that had not been previously recovered. Air Force research efforts did not disclose any records of the recovery of any "alien" bodies or extraterrestrial materials.

Perry that, it was initiating an audit of the Department of Defense DoD policies and procedures for acquiring, classifying, retaining, and disposing of official government documents dealing with weather balloon, aircraft, and similar crash incidents Atch 2.

This notification was subsequently passed to the Department of Defense Inspector General who in turn officially notified the Secretaries of the Services and other affected parties of the audit in a February 23,memo Atch 3. During this meeting it was learned that, while the audit officially would be reviewing the records of a number of DoD and possibly other Executive Branch entitiesthe bulk of the effort would be focused on Air Force records and systems.

In this particular case, the Air Force also inherited the allegation that it had "covered up" the "Roswell Incident" and has continued to do so for the next 47 years. Subsequently, the then Administrative Assistant, Mr. McCormick, issued a tasking memorandum dated March 1, Atch 5to a number of current Air Staff and Secretariat offices that might possibly have records related to such an incident if, indeed, something had actually occurred.

This search for records was purposely limited to Air Force records and systems since: During the in-briefing process with GAO, it was learned that this audit was, indeed, generated at the specific request of Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico.

Congressman Schiff subsequently learned from NARA that, although they did, indeed, have the "Bluebook" materials, the "Roswell Incident" was not part of that report. Congressman Schiff, apparently perceiving that he had been "stonewalled" by the DoD, then generated the request for the aforementioned audit.

A report on the roswell mystery

It is within this context that the following research and assistance efforts were conducted in support of the GAO.This was the longest and probably the most widely reported AP final version of the Roswell events.

The story below represents a composite of various stories found in the listed newspapers. A US government ‘cover-up’, the declassification of top secret files and big-budget alien movies have fuelled interest in UFOs On 8 July the . The Roswell Report Fact vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert.

(Note: This is the Executive Summary of the Air Force report on the Roswell Incident. The full report, which is almost almost pages in length, can be ordered from the Air Force, or it can be downloaded in PDF format from this site.).

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