Global business plan competition 2016

Printer Friendly Page March 26th, Li Mingjun, in his remarks as he presented the winning teams with their awards. The six finalist teams were chosen from among 30 proposals submitted by MBA students from top global business schools.

Global business plan competition 2016

Innovation Content Each year, the Venture Finals of the Wharton Business Plan Competition pits eight tried-and-tested teams of students from throughout the University of Pennsylvania against each other.

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The six-month competition featured venture concepts, with more than individual participants from six schools at Penn. Judges cut the field to 25 semifinalists, each of which chose one of three industry tracks: Which would you choose?

The average ranch spans 30 square miles and has about 1, livestock. Every day, the rancher checks the water levels of his or her 20 to 30 water tanks. Phifer also is an experienced Air Force instructor and test pilot with a background in leading aerospace test programs.

Kuchar has operated dozens of small drones and has experience integrating sensors and drones into wireless networks. The drones are autonomous, collecting imagery of livestock and natural resources. Persistent sensor monitoring tracks water levels. GPS-enabled ear tags provide real-time locations of livestock.

Altogether, Barn Owl offers custom analytics for management of rangeland and livestock. They intend to establish a foothold by distributing water tank sensors and a corresponding smartphone application to all ranches at no cost to ranchers.

The Wharton Biz Plan Competition: Can You Pick the Winner?

With that, Barn Owl will have a network of clients who can tap one another, for example, during droughts, shifting livestock to regional ranches with abundant resources. It began as a high-school science fair project for Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao, best friends from Vancouver.

They entered a biotechnology competition with a proposal about the biodegradation of plastics, won a national prize and were invited in to speak at a TED conference. Wang, a Penn undergraduate student, framed plastics pollution as a global crisis — exposure to chemicals such as Bisphenol A BPAshe noted, is highly correlated with diseases such as prostate and breast cancer.

The proprietary bacterium can convert, say, a Styrofoam cup into non-toxic carbon dioxide and water. By altering the process by which the bacteria are grown, they can produce a high-value compound called rhamnolipid. For the complete breakdown of plastics, BioCellection will park an onsite mobile processor on beaches, in malls, in recycling centers and waste stations.

The opportunity for breaking down plastic pollution around the world is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and is completely untapped. We are inventing this, and this is the first one in the world.

Most of the students qualified for free lunches. And despite the fact that he and his best friend, Juan Gomez, shared similar academic attributes — they ranked 16th and 15th, respectively, in their class; carried GPAs of 3.

The schools to which they applied saw none of those facts. Every year, Elfenbein said, 1. Finding a fee waiver is incredibly hard. Knowledge Wharton High School He and his Penn-educated team created a platform called brEDcrumb to connect college hopefuls with volunteer undergraduates, young professionals or graduate students who have shared backgrounds.

The technology provides deadline reminders, cloud storage for application materials, simplified financial aid forms, access to prep resources and automated fee waiver claims.

The volunteer, which the company calls a role model, provides the applicant guidance in essay-writing, scholarships and navigating college.

The platform streamlines the work of admissions officers, who he said typically get only an email address and a mailing address for a prospective student who has met certain criteria.

To ensure that brEDcrumb is building a viable product, the company has consulted with admissions officers in Philadelphia and Boston. This summer, brEDcrumb through its pilot program intends to send students to college.

Next year, the goal is to At scale, the company expects that total to reachstudents per year. After his friend finished community college, Elfenbein helped him daily in applying to four-year schools.

Gomez earned a full ride to Georgetown University and, last fall, he was admitted to Wharton. Every year, there areemergency second-stage Cesarean section deliveries in the United States alone.

The procedure is necessary when the baby is in distress, when the mother is so tired she no longer can push, or when the baby becomes impacted in the birth canal. An arrest of descent often renders the surgeon unable to deliver the baby through the uterine incision because the baby already has progressed far down the birth canal.

Christina Wray, a Wharton graduate student also in line for an M. The baby faces an increased risk of skull fracture, intracranial hemorrhage, asphyxia and death.

Wray and four colleagues launched the medical-device company Daylight OB, LLC, to improve conditions in labor and delivery units.HULT PRIZE FLAGSHIP COMPETITION $1 Million Seed Funding Award.

HULT PRIZE SUMMIT. Global network of mentors, coaches, advisors, and experts, helping grow companies’ core business activities and access to new markets. Learn More. Media & Awards. It’s Rice Vs. Seaweed Vs. Solar ATMs For A $1 Million Prize. March 26th, Shanghai – An App that helps us to set and achieve goals with friends pledging financial incentives took first place in the INNOVATEChina Global Business Plan Competition hosted by the CEIBS MBA Class of today at the Shanghai campus.

FBLA offers over 70 skills-based competitive events for high school students. Academic competition include tests, presentations, and interviews. Students compete individually and in teams. Competitions begin at the state level and culminate in recognition at the National Leadership Conference.

Business Plan Competitions. During the second semester in the Wolff Center, our students form Intellectual Property (IP) business plan teams to represent WCE and the Bauer College of Business in coveted business plan competitions held throughout the world.

global business plan competition 2016

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies presents: Business Plan Competition Congratulations to all of the BPC participants! Read more about BPC and Location: PO Box , Pullman, WA, Global Business Case Competition Champions: Thammasat University. The Global Business Case Competition (GBCC) is a leading international case competition that brings together undergraduate students from the United States and around the world to compete in a fast-paced and challenging business case study.

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