Thar coal

A spokesman for the company, Mohsin Babar, on Monday confirmed the news, received by most executives, officers and workers of the company as a surprising development.

Thar coal

The Connecticut-based US company has already booked two orders in to supply equipment for coal-fired power plants in Pakistan. The boilers will burn reserves of high moisture-carrying Thar lignite and it will become the first project in the country that utilises the domestic resources.

In the second order, the company is going to provide two units each of supercritical steam turbines, boilers and generators for the 1,MW Hubco-II Power Plant. One challenge for Pakistan that has delayed plans to develop the Thar coal reserves is the presence of a large amount of moisture in its lignite, which also has a low calorific value.

However, there are technologies that can burn this lignite. This allowed a significant number of GW to be closed and committed and GE expected the trend to continue and even accelerate, he added.

First unit of Thar coal to contribute MW of electricity

Coal-based plants and environmental concerns Boller said there were two main types of environmental impact from the coal-fired power plants. First is the local air pollution affecting the environment and the people living around the power plant.

Technology does exist to mitigate these risks. For instance, there is flue gas cleaning systems that eliminate dangerous pollutants such as sulfates and nitrates.

Thar coal

Another option is optimised combustion for safe re-usability of ash for example in the cement industry. And the third is water treatment systems for zero waste discharge in water.

The second environmental hazard is the global pollution which is basically related to carbon dioxide CO2 and global warming at the level of the planet. CO2 emission levels at a thermal power plant are directly linked to the plant efficiency. Renewable energy The company is also active in advanced renewable power generation technologies, in addition to wind and hydroelectric power projects in Pakistan.

For example, it has already provided 33 GE 1. It has also signed a contract for the refurbishment and up-gradation of six power generating units installed at Mangla Hydel Power Station, as part of the Mangla refurbishment project.

GE is active in the energy, healthcare and transportation sectors in Pakistan.THARPARKAR: The first unit of Thar coal power plant is likely to contribute MW of electricity to the national grid by December , six-month ahead of the given schedule.

ISLAMABAD: Thar coal power plant will be completed by March and start generating MW as most of the work on mining and power has been completed. Talking to . The overall objective of developing Thar coal deposits is to generate electric power from in-country coal resources, to reduce the country’s dependence on imported coal, and to contribute towards bridging the gap between electricity supply and demand.

The MoU was signed by fisheries and livestock secretary Kazi Aijaz Mahesar and Thar Foundation general manager Naseer Memon at a ceremony held at the block-II of Thar coal project. Sindh Engro Coal Mining (SECMC) on Sunday made history after unearthing the first layer of indigenous coal from its open-pit coal mine in Thar Coal Block II, at .

Thar Coal and Energy Board In order to fast track the development of coal, especially the largest coal resources of Thar, the Thar Coal and Energy Board (TCEB) has been established under the Chief Executive of the Sindh Province with representation from Federal and Provincial Governments as well.

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